The Commercial Sign Price Index Manual is divided  into eight easy to follow sections.

Section One: Temporary Signs. This section features signs that are designed for short-term use: Banners, Posters, Foam board, & Stencils. Each product has a price index for hand lettering, computer graphics, digital printing and screen printing. Prices are listed in the popular sign sizes that are normally ordered by your customers. The stencil price page includes prices for hand cut stencils as well as computer-routed stencils.

Section Two: Vinyl Graphics. Includes pricing for all popular sizes of vinyl letters in several styles of vinyl. Digital prices covering digital ink jet printing, thermal foil printing, digital file preparation tips and advice, will help you close those lucrative digital printing projects.

Section Three: Flat Signs. Pricing for practically every type of flat sign you could make. Acrylic, aluminum, aluminum overlaid signs, Alumalite, Dibond, Intecel, Styrene, corrugated plastic, expanded p.v.c., M.D.O, solid magnetic sheet signs, menu boards (with a photo example), marker boards, chart ruling, and interior and exterior way finding signs. Most items have price indexes for vinyl lettering and screen printing on facing pages so you and your customer can tell at a glance which process would be better for their project. This is a real time saver and another effective marketing tool for closing larger orders.

Section Four: Dimensional Signs. Suggested prices for the popular sizes of hand carved signs, "quickie" hand routed signs (with a photo example), precision hand routed signs, computer-routed signs, and sandblasted signs. Prices for redwood and H.D.U. are listed on each page. Dimensional theme sign tips from Mark Roberts.

Section Five: Dimensional Letters. Suggested prices for popular sizes of acrylic, trim-capped acrylic, p.v.c, e.p.s., h.d.u., wooden, metal, and inlaid decorative letters. Plus some dimensional letter tips and tricks from Mark Roberts.

Section Six: Vehicles: Index pricing for eight classifications of trucks, vehicle wrap pricing, four classifications of boats, race car lettering, decorative striping and custom graphics. Also includes great vehicle design and lettering advice from Julian "Mr. J" Braet.

Section Seven: Specialty lettering. A photo and a suggested price index for lettering vertical walls with paint, wall murals and wall wraps, hand lettering objects with enamels or acrylics, and repainting existing signs. Prices for lettering windows with enamel, acrylics, vinyl, window wraps and traditional gold leaf products, and engraved signs are also included in this special section.

Section Eight: Professional Sign Services. A suggested price index for creative artwork associated with sign production, a comprehensive installation rate chart for every kind of commercial sign that you would ever want to install, hourly labor rates according to the time of day and day of week, as well as an equipment rental price chart for extra machinery and equipment that you will rent on a per-job basis.

Now it is up to you to go out and make the money YOU deserve!

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